The Gospel at the Center

The Gospel at the Center
A Webcast Event from The Gospel Project
Watch On-Demand • May 21, 2018

Featured Speakers and Topics

Building a Gospel-Centered Foundation

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  • Brian Dembowcyzk: The Cure to Biblical Moralism
  • Jeff Vanderstelt: Saturating Your Experience in the Gospel
  • Matt Chandler: Holding Fast to the Gospel

Developing Gospel-Centered Hearts

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  • Trevin Wax: The Gospel vs Being True to Yourself
  • Sharon Hodde Miller: How Humility Encourages Gospel Culture
  • Nancy Guthrie: Grieving in a Gospel Culture
  • Michael Kelley: Becoming Mature in a Gospel Culture

Exploring a Gospel-Centered World

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  • Barnabas Piper: The Gospel and Curiosity
  • Kevin Jones: Removing the Stain of Racism from the Church
  • Aaron Armstrong: Gospel-Centered Theological Disagreement
  • Matt Capps: The Gospel and Beauty

Raising Gospel-Centered Kids

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  • Anna Sargeant: Teaching Gospel Truths to Young Children
  • Jana Magruder: Parenting in a Gospel Culture
  • Trillia Newbell: Helping Kids Celebrate God’s Very Good Idea
  • Danielle Bell: Kids on Mission

Shaping Gospel-Centered Students

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  • Ben Trueblood: The Christ-Centered Life
  • Dean Inserra: Sexual Purity in a Gospel Culture
  • Shaq Hardy: Theology is for Students

Growing as Gospel-Centered Leaders

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  • Bubba Jennings: Gospel Culture and Congregational Care
  • Eric Geiger: Gospel Culture When a Leader Falls
  • Ray Ortlund: Finishing Well in a Gospel Culture

Cultivating Gospel-Centered Churches

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  • Micah Fries: Discipline and the Gospel
  • Jen Wilkin: The Gospel, Women and the Culture
  • Matt Papa: Gospel Culture and Worship

Living a Gospel-Centered Mission

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  • Ed Stetzer: Revitalizing a Gospel Culture
  • Dhati Lewis: Preaching the Gospel in an Urban Context
  • Paul Martin: Gospel Centrality in a Post-Christian Context
  • JD Greear: Growing a Sending Culture

Event subject to change without notice.