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Ask yourself…
Is it possible to study the Gospels and miss the gospel? How do we protect ourselves against apathy when studying these familiar books? What do we do with the hard teachings of Jesus? Unpack these questions and more during the Christ-Centered Gospels Webcast.

Join The Gospel Project for a live panel discussion with Trevin Wax, Afshin Ziafat, Daniel Darling, Jana Magruder, John Murchison, and Paul W. Martin. You and your groups leaders are invited to not only watch the webcast, but engage via social media using #GospelProject17, asking questions and discussing the topics with the panelists and other pastors and group leaders.

Christ-Centered Gospel Webcast will help you and your groups be captivated anew by Jesus—the climax of God’s great story of redemption. It’s a great time of training, team building, and spiritual encouragement you don’t want to miss.

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